I'm yhasmine, batman of motown
:u wow ok i forgot to ever post this but i’m pretty happy with this picture and i’m pretty happy with this dude.
Doot doot hi savage
Hope everyone enjoyed Free Comicbook Day!
I should probably sleep some part of this here night.
I take rly bad pictures…..
I enjoy handmade/crafty gifts on ridiculous levels I cannot explain.THANKYOU KATHERINE!
I owe this girl a bear hat and because i took so long I pumped out two scarves and threw in some happymeal toys I hope she likes it all.
I found my septum ring, it has been a pretty a+ night actually.
With all these blizzards you guys are definitely going to need bear-hats and circlescarves made by me.
Miss u even tho I jus saw yo cute ass.
Finished this teensy circlescarf.
:u time for a hat.